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Chetty Careers

Come for the mission, stay for the projects

Our core ethos is to deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients by utilising the best tool for the job, ranging from Alteryx & Tableau for static data, all the way through to Databricks for streaming data. We also place an emphasis on retail messaging simplification and distilling complex information into readily-digestible formats, leveraging tools such as Notion and Gitbook.


Hey, there!

A word from our CEO

Thanks for your interest in Chetty Analytics,

We've come a long way since our early days in mining supply chain, we are now a forward thinking organization looking to take advantage of the latest trends across all things Blockchain, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things.

We truly believe in the diversity of our people and creating an inclusive workspace as one of our pillars of growth and are always on the lookout for different thinkers who are willing to challenge the status quo.

What you can expect working for Chetty Analytics;

  • Workspace steeped in open communication and idea sharing
  • Focus on lean and agile methodologies geared towards quick decision making
  • Support and guidance from senior analysts in your day-to-day tasks
  • Dedication to your learning and professional development
  • Recognition and compensation commensurate with your contributions and allowing you to shape how the company grows over time

We look forward to working together so we can better ourselves and enhance the overall customer experience of our client base.

Warm Regards,


Stefan Chetty, Director - Chetty Analytics

Our team

A small and diverse team of passionate analysts who are always looking to go the extra mile for clients.


Our values

What we stand for ultimately reflects our value proposition to our client base, we have thought about these carefully and they resonate with our purpose as an organization to help organizations be leaner and more effective.


Being at our best by being agile, responsive and dynamic to changing business requirements.


Reducing complexity and repetition and having a focus on minimalism and simplicity, both for internal processes and whilst working on client jobs.


Maintaining an open mind and always considering alternative viewpoints and ways of doing things.


An uncompromising dedication to quality outcomes, ranging from data accuracy and interpretability, right through to visual aesthetics.


Having commitment in whatever we do and always doing what we say we are going to do.

Current openings

From time to time we post openings here however feel free to shoot through an EOI via e-mail if you feel like you're a good fit.





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